Suzie Wong’s on Madison

I thought this place was okay. I mean really just okay. I did enjoy the variety. You can have hot or cold starters, rice dishes, noodle dishes, big bowls of soup, salads, vegetarian options and specials. Among each section of food choices there is a great variety of dishes from different cooking styles throughout Asia. From Thai to Japanese it was pretty prolific.

I decided to order Suzie’s Dumplings and Korean Jap Chae Noodles.

Suzie’s Dumplings – they came in a very attractive serving plate with the dumplings on one side and the sauce on the other. The sauce tasted like regular old soy sauce. The dumplings were piping hot and not as brown on the outside as I would have liked. I found the dumpling without sauce to be pretty bland. I needed to use the sauce to make the flavor come out a little bit. It could have possibly used more onion or some other aromatic to bring out the flavor of the meat.

Korean Jap Chae Noodles – I had never had these before. They were Korean glass noodles with a brown gravy with your choice of meat. I chose beef. Glass noodles = slippery on the chopsticks or even the fork. Be careful! There was some onion, kimchi and the menu says chili paste but I couldn’t locate it. I found these to be also pretty bland. I needed a lot of soy sauce to make this work. I was really disappointed because it looked so good. Make no mistake, I ate the whole plate. It was pretty good after the soy sauce treatment. I think more chili paste or perhaps hot pepper oil could have helped.

The other thing about this restaurant is the decor. It was very modern with black tables, modern looking flatware and wall treatments done with jewels in a mural to make a kimono display on the walls. What I did not care for so much was the manager Alex. He is apparently an acquired taste for the customers. Eating alone is something no everyone does, in doing that you don’t expect to be made a spectacle of. Alex was incredibly annoying shouting (which is his volume of talking) at me and asking “why you so grumpy”. I was not grumpy. I WAS ALONE! I didn’t have anyone to talk to! What do you want me to do bother all the customers because I don’t have a companion. I politely responded though, that I was simply waiting on my food.

He finally brought my food and told me to “stop being grumpy and eat”. I was really pissed after this. If he thinks that I am to be his comedic relief for this evening’s diners he is crazy. My server came over to me and asked me if he bothered me or “scared” me. Apparently this is commonplace for him to flit around the restaurant like he owns it (he does not) and interact with repeat customers and annoy new customers.

I would go back to Suzie Wong’s if someone else was paying. I’d be more prepared for the blandness and stay away from Alex.

Suzie Wong's on Madison on Urbanspoon

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