Alabama Fish Bar

Do you like fish? Well can’t call yourself a true fish connoisseur in Cincinnati unless you’ve tried Alabama Fish Bar. They’re successful because the have a small menu. Okay really small. They do 3 things. But they do them well.
You can have:
Ocean Perch $7.99 (6 pieces)
Cod $7.99 (6 pieces)
Whiting $6.99 (5 pieces/strips)
I believe these are the new prices.

With each dinner you get the following:
tartar sauce
bread slices
a packet of sauteed peppers and onions

When you go to pick it up you will no doubt be in line. The “lobby” of the restaurant is no bigger than a small closet. You order, pay and then wait for your order to be called. When called you can have the option of “dressing” yours with hot sauce, ketchup or mustard.

We usually get ours to go and I must say they are so sweet when I get to go orders. I don’t have to wait in line, much to the chagrin of the people there. They also send someone out to carry the bags to my car for me. This is special stuff!

Somehow the food is always still hot when I get it back to my work. I dig right in to my fish with the tartar sauce and eat my peppers and onions on the side. The peppers and onions are another thing entirely. You get a wax paper packet of these delicious veggies sauteed in some sort of spice, I think maybe cayenne pepper? They must also sneak a little crack in there because I can’t stop eating them. White onion, jalapeno, banana pepper, bell pepper and the seasoning are a great compliment to the fish. To me the fries and bread are an afterthought. I think they are just there to soak up grease from the fish. But I eat them also.

It’s a Cincinnati favorite and once you go, you’ll want it all the time.

Alabama Fish Bar on Urbanspoon

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