Since Jean-Robert At Pigall’s closed we have been struggling to find somewhere to go every month for a relaxing and inspiring lunch or dinner. We were originally going to go to Boca, however we just weren’t up to it. I switched our reservation to Bouquet not expecting much.

I don’t know why I didn’t expect much. This is going to sound douchey, but I don’t care. When you have eaten somewhere like JR@P you become accustomed to expecting things and when you can’t find them anymore it’s very sad. Is this a eulogy of JR@P? No, this is my utter surprise at a little place called Bouquet.

When you walk it you are greeted to white tablecloths (so simply elegant) and an obviously french looking decor and atmosphere. Our server seated us by the front of the restaurant by the bar. I noted they had a nice selection of bottled beer, I saw some labels I’ve never seen before.

Here’s our table setting with our little bowl of bread. There was french bread and poppy seeded. The butter was a honey rosemary blend. Very tasty with the saltiness of french bread.

2010-06-26 20.03.57_Covington_Kentucky_US.jpg

We decided on this bottle of wine. I love these Shiraz blends. $30! Very affordable wine choices, and their wine list is extensive. I also inquired into their uncork fee. They are very reasonable at $10 so don’t be afraid to bring your own!

2010-06-26 20.27.02_Covington_Kentucky_US.jpg

Here you have the small cheese plate $8. I was told everything that was on here but I cannot recall everything. The very bottom left is a pistachio concoction which was very delicious. Above that is a cherry flavored cheese. It was semi-soft and very tasty. In the spoon is a watermelon-apple relish very tasty. Next to the spoon is my favorite cheese it was I think a cheddar. I cannot remember what the corner right is and the above right is a smoked gouda. Top right is a fig jam. This plate was very delicious and filling! Our server told me that the large plate $12 was double the size. Very tasty!!

2010-06-26 20.34.31_Cincinnati_Ohio_US.jpg

Here’s the Anitpasto. There are peppers, pappadews and homemade pickles in center bottom. Warm olives in top right bowl. Top left bowl is a stone ground mustard. There was serrano ham, capicolla, and sausage. I sampled the sausage and it was delicious. The homemade pickles were very spicy! $10

2010-06-26 20.34.44_Cincinnati_Ohio_US.jpg

Here we have my flank steak. This was delicious. It was super tender and the potato/chorizo hash was so delicious and delicate it was not overpowering as you sometimes hear about chorizo. The avocado was super fresh and a great addition to the steak flavor. Buttery avocado and basil espresso flavored steak. Mmmm….
It’s a shame I didn’t take a photo of the steak knife they gave me. It looked antique with a straight cutting edge with a bee on it. It looked at first glance like a switchblade.

2010-06-26 20.53.26_Cincinnati_Ohio_US.jpg

This was a really big piece of Halibut. I had a bite and it was pretty tender and light. The caper aioli in the spoon was pretty good, in spite of my hatred of capers.The corn/bok choy medley smelled great.

2010-06-26 20.53.42_Cincinnati_Ohio_US.jpg

We declined dessert in favor of gelato at Europa. This dinner was very surprising. I found effortless perfection in each thing that we tasted. Our server was very attentive and knowledgeable from the menu, to the wine to their suppliers. I like that. I will be back I’m sure to try their other specials.

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