Montgomery Inn Rib Fest 2010

What better way to celebrate our nation’s birth than to eat pounds and pounds of ribs? I personally don’t like ribs. But I know someone who does…….

Here you have their crab cake. It was delicious! On the bottom there is a remoulade sauce, it was different than others I’ve had. It tasted like it had cumin in it. MMM! The top is a dill sauce. Both were really good.

2010-07-05 19.21.11_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Here we have the first order of ribs. Keep track, there are several. The ribs were delicious as always. Pat LOVES ribs.

2010-07-05 19.31.19_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Here’s their pork chops. This is my favorite meal at Montgomery Inn. These are some of my favorite pork chops everywhere. They are HUGE! Salty, porky, delicousness…

2010-07-05 19.31.26_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Here’s refill #1

2010-07-05 19.34.06_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Rib disposal system below…

2010-07-05 19.31.54_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

We could build a new pig out of these bones.

2010-07-05 19.43.14_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Refill #2 below.

2010-07-05 19.51.56_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Putting the hurt on those ribs for real! It’s the American thing to do.

2010-07-05 19.37.31_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Refill #3 below…

2010-07-05 19.46.02_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Finally time to clean up….

2010-07-05 20.06.53_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Wow. Look at all those bones!

2010-07-05 20.06.00_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Why should you go? It’s one of Cincinnati’s better food traditions. Its delicious, salty, porcine, deliciousness…

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