I’ve been going to the Pomodori location in Clifton for years. I was super surprised to find out there was a location by me in Montgomery.

Here you have the garlic bread with cheese. Pretty straightforward. They do not use any kind of garlic salt on this. Just bread, minced garlic and cheese. Pretty tasty!

2010-07-10 19.54.05.jpg

Here you have Pat’s custom wood fired pizza with beef, pepperoni and ham. Pat was super impressed with it and didn’t stop eating it.

2010-07-10 20.00.41_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Here is the leek, goat cheese and pancetta wood fired pizza. This was really delicious. They pretty much had me at goat cheese.
The crusts for the wood fired pizzas are all hand tossed. I prefer the olive oil and garlic crust myself. Very basic and tasty.

2010-07-10 20.00.49_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

2010-08-01 20.05.48.jpg

Here we have my proscuitto pizza. Pretty delicious!

Pat really enjoyed his pizza, as you can see.

2010-07-10 20.15.47_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

They gave us tiny sample spoons of gelato…

2010-07-10 20.17.38_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Pat decided on pistachio. He ate it in almost total silence because the taste was something familiar, but he couldn’t place the memory. I think that means he liked it.

2010-07-10 20.20.25_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

I decided on the chocolate hazelnut, which tasted like a fudgecicle. Awesome!

2010-07-10 20.20.50_Montgomery_Ohio_US.jpg

Pomodori has pastas, regular pizza, and a pretty nice wine list. Give it a shot next time you want some really great Italian!

Pomodori's Pizzeria and Trattoria on Urbanspoon

Pomodori's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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