Noce’s Pizzeria (Edgewood)

We’ve formed a True Blood watching party. We alternate weeks. This week it was at Ann’s house in Independence. Noce’s newest location in Edgewood delivers to her house!

We ordered the garlic knots – always delicious and garlicky! The garlic knots are soft and yeasty covered in buttery garlic and oregano. A large sausage pizza – the sausage that they use is somehow magical. Think of all the sausage pizza you may have eaten. Pretty forgettable right? Well this is a sliced cooked sausage. It’s almost like it’s been sliced like gyro meat. It’s mild and delicately seasoned. At any rate, it’s pretty darn good. The best sausage pizza I have ever had!

2010-07-12 21.26.05.jpg

2010-07-12 21.25.04.jpg

We also ordered the White Dream pizza which is pretty tasty. Garlic and oil, mozzarella, ricotta, Tomato, Broccoli, and Basil. It’s pretty delicious!

Next week we’re watching the show at my house. We’re near the Montgomery Noce’s… No shortage of pizza to go around!

Look at my review of Montgomery Noce’s for more delicious details!

Noce’s Montgomery

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