It’s Just Crepes

I am not a downtown dweller. I’ve been getting better this year, trying to find new restaurants and such. I was looking for something else when I ended up near It’s Just Crepes…. I popped in and liked the menu and decided to stay…

2010-07-15 16.08.14.jpg

Here’s the ordering station and apparently the manager in the photo. He was SUPER nice and helpful!

2010-07-15 16.08.24.jpg

I love the look of the inside. It’s all modern and bright.

2010-07-15 16.12.09_Cincinnati_Ohio_US.jpg

Here is my florentine crepe that was wrapped and served in a cone. The manager was super helpful in explaining the best way to eat the crepe. It was DELICIOUS!!! Everything tasted so fresh inside it. I watched him make it and it smelled fresh also.

2010-07-15 16.12.36_Cincinnati_Ohio_US.jpg

Big chunks of turkey, onion, spinach, mushroom and cheesy goodness. I am a sucker for florentine. I want to try one of the sweet crepes next.

This is the essential downtown lunch food. You can walk to the restaurant and if you’re pressed for time you can walk back to your office with your lunch safely in hand.

It's Just Crepes on Urbanspoon

It's Just Crepes on Urbanspoon

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