Sweet Basil

I really love Sweet Basil. They’ve been open for a few years now and have built up the little strip mall that they are in into a little ethnic corner of Northern Kentucky. You have them for the authentic Thai route, Guru India for the Indian route and Outback Steakhouse for the “other” route.

It’s not a huge place but they have everything arranged nicely with simple decor.

2010-07-16 20.54.38.jpg

I ordered hot and sour soup with shrimp. The little pot is such a cute presentation. What could be inside?

2010-07-16 20.58.14_Crescent Springs_Kentucky_US.jpg

Turns out what’s inside is some really huge shrimp, (watch the tails!) a bunch of cilantro, onion and mushrooms. They did not go overboard and take the title too seriously and make it too hot or sour. I like that. I’ve had some that just taste like sugar hot vinegar with mushrooms bobbing in it.

2010-07-16 21.01.46_Crescent Springs_Kentucky_US.jpg

I ordered the Vivid roll (top) and Spicy Basil roll (bottom). I liked both rolls however that Spicy Basil roll was potent! Be prepared! That fresh basil will knock you on your ass. The Vivid roll was very pleasant. Even though it was mixed with the spicy sauce the tuna was so fresh it was almost sweet. There was a nutty flavor from the sesame seeds. The roll also tasted light which was surprising.

2010-07-16 21.04.36_Crescent Springs_Kentucky_US.jpg

I also ordered some pad thai to go. I have to eat at work tomorrow, don’t I? They have possibly the best pad thai I’ve had. They give you the range of spicy 1-10. I Love Sweet Basil!

2010-07-16 21.19.15_Crescent Springs_Kentucky_US.jpg

My vegan friends also frequent this place a lot so pop on in and get some awesome sushi!

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