Molly Malone’s

Molly Malone’s is dangerously close to my workplace. Sometimes I just don’t go there because the temptation to have a beer is far too great. They frown on getting drunk at work. Or so I’m told.

I hadn’t eaten here in a couple of years. We have been patronizing Keystone Bar & GrillĀ  a lot lately so I wanted to shake it up.

Here you have the Potato and Leek soup. It was good. I liked the bacon (who doesn’t) and the leeks. The potatoes were done properly. The only missed note was the sour cream on top. It added a much too acidic flavor to an otherwise good bowl of soup.

2010-07-20 20.08.23.jpg

Here is their fish and chips, which according to their menu, is legendary. I doubt that highly. But it was good. I got a half order due to the soup. I love fresh lemon on my fish! The fish tasted flaky and not frozen which was better than the last time I had it years ago. The only thing that was off was their cole slaw – it was bland and had too much mayonnaise, thick mayonnaise. Now, I am somewhat of a glutton. I’m not a complete pig though. A side of cole slaw to me means about 1/3 – 1/2 cup of side. This is about 1/8 of a cup of cole slaw. I didn’t mind so much because it tasted so badly. If it were good cole slaw it would have been a huge disappointment.

Why is good cole slaw so hard to make?
2010-07-20 20.08.12.jpg

If someone were able to keep their hands off their food for the 2 seconds it takes my phone to take a photograph this would have been a good picture. But this person is the human equivalent of a hummingbird so the picture is crap. This is the chicken tender plate. Barely worth talking about. My friend liked it, but honestly, if you can’t do a chicken finger platter, you should just shut down.

2010-07-20 20.08.05.jpg

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