Nick & Tony’s Double Deckers

In the old Subway shop on Scott St you will find Nick & Tony. You won’t actually find Nick or Tony inside the restaurant. They are the owner’s children. A nice man named Eddie helped me on the day that I went.

Here you can see the cooler with all the sandwich fixings. The surroundings seem familiar because for some reason, when the old Subway shut down they left most of their equipment. Like their toaster oven, bread ovens etc. Bizarre.

I got to watch Eddie cook bacon on a giant sheet pan in a Subway bread oven. It was the coolest!

2010-07-21 18.10.37.jpg

This is their vegetable soup. It was pretty tasty. Big hunks of fresh tomato, lima bean, corn, potato etc. It tasted fresh and not too salty. It tasted freshly made.

2010-07-21 18.25.02_Cincinnati_Ohio_US.jpg

I got a ham and corned beef double decker with cheese and bacon. TOO tasty! The meat that they use is really tasty and as you can see they pile it WAY high!

2010-07-21 18.27.46_Cincinnati_Ohio_US.jpg

The decor is nothing to speak of really but they are some darn tasty sandwiches.
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