Another restaurant near my workplace in Covington. It looks like a normal bar. When you get inside it’s pretty much a normal bar. The seating area outside the bar is cozy. The bartender/server was really nice and attentive and ready to explain any items and recommend items.

I decided to try a 1/2 dozen of their wings in the flavor Sweet N’ Heat. These were so good.  This is possibly the best order of wings I’d ever had. The only odd thing is that it was all wings, no drumsticks. No big deal – just odd. The sauce was super sticky and had a slow burning heat. Tasty!

2010-08-03 21.09.36_Cincinnati_Ohio_US.jpg

Patti chose a ham and cheese sandwich with tater tots. When they say on the menu that it comes with a HUGE pickle, they’re not kidding. Patti told me that the sandwich was really good!

2010-08-03 21.14.19_Covington_Kentucky_US.jpg

I got the Bacon Bleu Cheese burger. Theirs was different than any other Bacon Bleu cheese burger. Their bleu cheese is mixed with balsamic vinegar. SO delicious! I am totally going to throw this in the rotation instead of going to Keystone every other day.

2010-08-03 21.14.27_Covington_Kentucky_US.jpg

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