Brown Dog Cafe

If it weren’t for restaurant week, it probably would have taken me longer to try this place. In spite of the fact that while I was there I twisted my knee which has led to an MRI and many cortisone shots, I enjoyed my dinner here.

You’re served a plate of bread with butter (that cannot be cut with a light saber) and a garlic infused oil. I could have eaten a lot more of the bread and oil. I opted against wine because their wine list was very extensive, yes, but also overpriced. Next time I may bring a bottle.

crab and potato tot…. .
east coast style crab cake with shredded potato rolled and fried,
Indian summer succotash, red pepper oil, lemon dill aioli, sprouts

This was pretty tasty. Can’t say it was overly “crabby”. I really enjoyed the aioli. The succotash was really delicious as well. Not something you hear too often. “The succotash was really delicious as well.”

paneed goat cheese salad
pine nut crusted chevre, frissee lettuce, olive tapenade, smoked tomato

Have I told you of my love of goat cheese? This came with a little crisped chevre pancake (I love when people do this), and a delicious dressing. I would seriously eat goat cheese off of a saltine.

three cheese tortellini with rabbit romesco
braised rabbit simmered in red pepper romesco sauce topped with house made
tortellini filled with ricotta, asiago, and aged provolone

This was tasty but it didn’t impress me. I jumped at it because I so rarely see rabbit anywhere. Last time I had rabbit was at Orchid’s. The pasta was delicious and the sauce was more like a vodka sauce, very cheesy. I didn’t get a lot of rabbit flavor which is a shame. It has such a rich dark flavor.

I ordered a basil gelato for dessert. That was amazing! I cannot recall correctly if they told me they use Dojo Gelato or not. Either way – delicious!

Something that miffed me slightly. I am not certain if they did this for restaurant week or if they do this on a regular basis. There was 1 person in my party (me), and they did a mandatory 20% gratuity on my check. I was pretty pissed and confused. If the scale of your food is such that your servers are taking a financial hit during restaurant week either pay your servers more or do not participate in restaurant week.

Let me be clear – I tip well. I never give under 15% unless the person was an outright ass. If you are good, take care of me and bring me what I asked for you get 20%. I don’t ask for much. I would like it to be my decision though.

In spite of the fact that I injured my knee at Brown Dog I would go back. I would love to try their other choices, but I would also like to choose the tip that I want to give.

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3 thoughts on “Brown Dog Cafe

  1. Anonymous says:

    You don't tip well. You tip average. I'm gonna guess most restaurant week people tip less than average, so I have no problem with the added gratuity.

  2. I don't think you are aware of what the average American considers “average” in tipping. Most restaurant patrons tip well below 10%. Don't believe me? Ask a server. I tip just fine, thank you very much Mr. Holier than thou anonymous commenter.

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