Chalk Food + Wine

Foie gras soup with paw paw cream and brown sugar reduction

Foie gras. I’m listening. I’ve never heard of anyone serving a foie gras soup before. This was really decadent. I managed to spill some of it on my shirt. Oh yea, I licked it off the shirt.

Duck breast with heirloom tomato

What’s up with everyone and the heirloom tomatoes these days? They’re pretty good in almost anything so I don’t mind that they’re everywhere. The duck breast was really good. I have been ordering more duck breast lately and I haven’t had a bad one yet. This one was a nice medium rare with the popular heirloom tomato starring as a sweet and salty little relish on the side.

Fish with kohlrabi, chard and green beans

Don’t you know it, the manager told me the name of this fish probably 3 times. Still can’t remember it. At any rate I loved the beans and chard mixture. The mystery fish was a white fish that has a hardy texture. The manager described the look of the fish as a “small shark”. It had a nice browned crust on it.

Bread Pudding with paw paw cream and salted caramel gelato

Best bread pudding I’ve ever had! It can easily rival Senate’s chocolaty bread pudding or Bella Luna’s “bread sponge”. The bread in it looked crusty and homemade. Sweet and the caramel gelato (from Dojo) was amazing!

I talked to the manager Dan for a while about the pending sale that would separate them from their owner Martin Wade. He said it’s a done deal they’re just working out financing. One thing that I found interesting is that in financing they look at Chalk as a completely new entity. They do not get credit for the reputation that they’ve already built over the past few years. I really hope they can get their deal together. I have avoided Chalk for a few years due to the Wade involvement. I’m ready to go back here though.

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