Tan Thai

It’s been a long time since I went out with my friend Jessica. On this occasion I was meeting her new girlfriend. BTW – they’ve been together a year. That’s how long it’s been. On her suggestion (and pocketbook, thanks Jess!) we went to Tan Thai which is equidistant to our 2 homes. Jess has a few dietary restrictions so we usually end up at a Thai or Indian restaurant.

I got the hot and sour soup (Tom Yum). It was pretty tasty. Toward the end it was a bit heavy on the vinegar – but not bad overall.

2010-11-12 19.15.40.jpg

We also had crab rangoon. Not to cream cheesy – not to crabby. They have a neat little strawberry sauce for dipping that even someone who dislikes strawberries can love.

2010-11-12 19.15.47.jpg

We had the spring rolls with a honey dipping sauce. Pretty tasty, very crisp and nice flavor from the cabbage inside.

2010-11-12 19.16.01.jpg

And one of my favorites – pot stickers. Crispy with a pork stuffing. I like a little spicier of a sauce for dipping personally but good nonetheless.

2010-11-12 19.15.54.jpg

I ordered Basil Chicken. This is a dish that every self respecting Thai restaurant should have on their menu. I found the sauce to be not as basil-y as I’d like. I do applaud them for using real fresh basil. But the flavor of the sauce relied a little too heavily on sesame oil instead of basil.

2010-11-12 19.36.32_Springdale_Ohio_US.jpg

This is Jessica’s Yakisoba – extra egg. Apparently this is her favorite dish. Thin noodles, veggies in a brown sauce. Jess likes the smoky flavor in the sauce which can be attributed to the sesame oil. I too love sesame oil.

2010-11-12 19.36.50_Springdale_Ohio_US.jpg

Here’s Laura’s Crazy Noodles. The noodles are indeed crazy! They are huge! I thought they were something else at first.. Looks good. The noodles look like they’re made fresh in house.

2010-11-12 19.36.57_Springdale_Ohio_US.jpg

Ann had the Pad Kee Mao (a favorite of my vegan friends). She had the tofu in it and loves the noodles as well (same noodles as in the crazy noodle dish).

2010-11-12 19.37.05_Springdale_Ohio_US.jpg

I was most surprised at how small the place is. I was also shocked that they didn’t serve sushi. Not that every Thai restaurant has to serve sushi. It’s just that most of them do. There is no room for a bar in there either so I believe you can bring wine.

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