Capi’s Italian Kitchen

This is about as good as you’re going to do on Navy Pier. Well – if you don’t want to eat at Bubba Gump’s that is.

I started out with the Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Crostini
Wild mushrooms and goat cheese. This was pretty darn good. It was not exactly piping hot when I got it though.

Pat had the breadsticks. I thought they were doughy but Pat really liked them.

I also had the Cavatappi with Mushrooms – Portabella, porcini and domestic mushrooms, caramelized onions with gorgonzola cream sauce. This was also pretty tasty.

Pat had a pizza that he created. He really liked it – but then again, he eats pizza at buffets.

Here’s what the vegans thought:
I had the roasted veggie pizza, which was delicious. I liked the variety of vegetables and it was delicious. Ryan and I split a side of asparagus which was also very good,but a bit over-priced. Overall, the food was excellent, but the service.. not so much. The guy we had a terrible time finding us a seat, and was rather rude (poked Ryan to get his attention at one point), and I wasn’t impressed that at first he brought you the completely wrong dish. Excellent food, poooor service.

Side note: when the realized it was the wrong dish they then interrogated me to find out who gave me the wrong dish. How about, I don’t care who gave me the wrong plate. Don’t hold my food hostage!

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