Noon-O Kebab

I chose this place for the fact that it’s vegan friendly and close to where we would be that day.

We had hummus with bread which was really good. I love warm hummus.

I had the lamb kebabs with the dill rice (Long grained basmati cooked with fresh dill, parsley, lima beans and garlic) which was like crack. Seriously the best rice I’ve ever had anywhere. My kebabs were juicy and flavorful.

Pat had a chicken kebab with the plain rice. Delicious!

Here’s the restaurant from the vegan’s point of view:

For starters I think they has the BEST pita bread and hummus that I have ever had. I loved that the bread was warmed up (it makes a HUGE difference) and any hummus I eat now seems mediocre. It was fantastic. The dish I had was the Loobia Polo (Chopped fresh green beans, cooked in light saffron and tomato sauce, with a touch of cinnamon, served with white Persian rice and charbroiled vegetables). It was very yummy. I love Mediterranean food, but I had never had anything compared to that. It was different and tasted amazing. The portions were big (or maybe I just ate to much hummus lol) and I had a good midnight snack out of it. Also, the service was good, I loved the decor and the general feeling of the restaurant.

Noon-O-Kabab on Urbanspoon

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