Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

Pat was craving seafood. We planned a dinner/movie date night and tried Pappadeaux. First of all that place is sprawling! VERY large dining room. We had prompt service from a friendly server who helped us through the expansive menu. I was impressed that they had a chef selection menu of “daily fresh fish” that is flown in.

I wanted to try their crab cake (below). It was very tasty, lots of crab meat inside it. I prefer a crisp crab cake and this was more moist. It had a nest of potato straws on top, a remoulade butter sauce with crawfish and capers. It was very flavorful and unexpectedly hearty for just one crab cake. 

We also had the alligator appetizer. They were as tasty as I remember from when I had alligator for the first time in Florida. The dipping sauce is a creole butter sauce which was very tasty. It had a slight smoky roux flavor to it and was a good substitute for a barbecue sauce.

I had a side cup of the andouille sausage and seafood gumbo. I liked the taste of this, it had a great smoky flavor which can be attributed to a dark roux. There was however a little too much going on in it for me. There was several unidentified seafood items in this bowl. There was one item that I can only HOPE was an oyster that I had that I think led to a slight allergic reaction/migraine. Not their fault though.

I ordered the platter with fried shrimp, fried crawfish, catfish and chicken tenders and dirty rice. I liked the breading for the shrimp, chicken and crawfish. It was crsip and smoky. I had never eaten crawfish before and I didn’t know what I’d been missing! The catfish had a cornmeal breading which was good. The fish itself tasted very fresh and buttery. They do take extra care with the shrimp ensuring it is butterflied before frying. There was an overwhelming portion of that rice, I couldn’t finish it all.

Pat got the shrimp and catfish combo and he enjoyed it very much. He and I bartered a little bit, I took some of his shrimp for some of my chicken tenders. Pat decided to use more of that creole sauce for dipping instead of cocktail sauce which he hates.

For desserts I chose the banana pudding. I really hate the fact that it comes in a mason jar. It’s really hard to eat, just unnecessary decoration. The pudding itself was nothing outstanding. There wasn’t a lot of banana flavor in it until the bottom where the bananas lurk. Word to the wise: if you can’t finish it – they give you a lid for you to take the jar home. Seriously.

Pat had the pecan sweet potato pie and enjoyed it. He’s a sucker for both so he was in heaven.

By no means think that Pappadeaux is cheap. It cost us as much to eat there as it does on a normal evening to eat at the Precinct. The quality of the food is good and the service was great as well. It is something different for sure.  I’d still prefer to eat steak than seafood any day.

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