It was Ann’s birthday and I had never had brunch before. What better way to celebrate my bestie’s birthday than a breakfast/lunch with booze?!?

Honey is in Northside in the old Boca spot. I ate at Boca once about 10 years ago. Honey is a great fit in this space. 

I tried their bloody Mary and it was really good. It had a veritable feast on top with an olive, celery and pickle. You could certainly tell the horseradish flavor in each sip. 

We had a giant tin of the Binkle Fries to share for the table, there was plenty to share. These were delicious new potatoes crisply fried with rosemary added and delicious dipping sauces including a Thai chili sauce and a chive sour cream. YUM!

I ordered the traditional eggs Benedict which was poached egg, hollandaise, ham and croissant. This was so delicious. Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite breakfast dishes and this was done to perfection. Perfect poached eggs and a slight spiciness to the hollandaise. 

Here was the eggs Benedict done with a crab cake instead of the ham. This was truly decadent. The crab cake was full of lump crab meat and went with the egg and hollandaise perfectly. If you all know me at all you know I hate a weak crab cake. This was not the case at Honey.

I had a side of the vegan goetta which was delicious and yet not surprisingly unphotogenic. It had the exact texture of goetta and the precise flavor. There was also a lot of onion and carrot inside. Very tasty. It’s hard to wrap your mind around a vegan goetta, but they did it. They got the oats correct and the spice. Mmmm goetta!

I had the bread pudding which was really delicious. There was a generous helping of pistachio and raisin and I loved that it wasn’t too soggy. Fresh whipped cream on top made this a great end to a great brunch.

The ladies had the flourless chocolate torte with chocolate jalapeno ice cream which they liked a lot. I had a big taste of it and it was fudgy and decadent. It was a little too much for me at brunch. I had 2 drinks already anyways.

I must say that in spite of my aversion to Northside, Honey was well worth my journey. There was convenient parking next to the restaurant in a lot and we had nothing but fantastic service by our waiter. He was really helpful in choosing items and stayed on top of our every need. He and I also bonded over our shared love of Queen which was playing on the radio.

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