Hot Wok

Pretty straightforward American Chinese café. This is a newer restaurant in the Ft. Plaza behind Wal-Mart. I have been to dine in only once but have eaten their food many, many times via takeout when I worked at Fidelity Investments. They can really do a take out order! I’ve had my favorite dishes there like Mongolian Beef (very oniony and tasty tender bits of beef), sesame chicken (crunchy tender chicken and a thick savory garlic sesame sauce), General Tso’s chicken (very tasty and spicy chicken), bourbon chicken (bone in chicken with a bourbon sauce that might have some crack in it) and of course all the wonderful appetizers crab Rangoon (theirs are on the sweet side, but good), egg rolls (hearty and tasty, taste house made), chicken on a stick (Pat’s favorite), and of course my hot and sour soup (good, hearty and right flavorings of hot and sour).
They also do a good pad Thai, Thai basil chicken and a few vegetarian dishes. They also have a very limited selection of sushi, which I have not tried.
If you are looking for an American Style Chinese restaurant this is a good one. If you’re close by they will deliver to you with lots of extra cookies and tea treats.
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