You would think that on Easter Sunday there would be more open. Oh well, poor planning. I was in town for a concert and it finally dawned on me to drive to Chinatown and find some food. After a LONG time trying to find parking I got into Phoenix and was sat immediately.

Everyone who greeted me was warm and friendly. It’s a shame my photos didn’t come out because from my table on the 2nd floor you can see a pretty nice view of the skyline. I ordered the shrimp dumplings which were good, freshly battered in tempura and piping hot with fresh shrimp.

I also ordered the Mongolian Beef, which was the best I’ve ever had. The beef was incredibly tender you could just shred it with your fork. A lot of restaurants will lean heavily on the onion element of Mongolian Beef, this restaurant leaned more on the beef. There was so much of the food that I had to take it home.

I was impressed and shocked to find out that they serve abalone, shark fin, fresh crab and conch at Phoenix. That’s a little too adventurous for me on this visit anyways! If Chinatown is unfamiliar to you, give Phoenix a shot. If you arrive for brunch hours you can treat yourself to Dim Sum, which is what I wanted, but I got there too late. 

Phoenix on Urbanspoon

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