Al’s #1 Italian Beef

What can be said about Al’s that hasn’t been said? Not much it seems. I am a huge fan. HUGE fan. I am a fan of anything at all that can be “dipped” in gravy as an option. God bless Chicago.

We stopped in the downtown location which blessedly has a drive-thru AND parking! DOWNTOWN PARKING! We were warmly greeted and offered assistance with the diverse menu. We received our food very promptly and had a lovely lunch on our last day in the Windy City.

I had the regular Italian beef, spicy, dipped in gravy and with provolone cheese. Exactly. These sandwiches are messy but like all deliciously decadent foods, totally worth it.

Ann had the same but with a Polish sausage in the beef. Good God yes!

The fries here are excellent and crispy.

I am a big fan of the Italian beef. I’m sure its a good thing that it’s far enough away from me to eat it as frequently as I’d like. I’d be dead by Christmas.

Al's #1 Italian Beef on Urbanspoon

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One thought on “Al’s #1 Italian Beef

  1. Anonymous says:

    In Chicago we call it juice or au jus. I've never heard it called gravy. Either way, I agree it's fabulous! I think that is one of the Chicago foods I miss the most! I'd give my right arm for one right now!

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