I overslept for one of our reservations and had a coupon for Aquitaine. After figuring out how to get there from the bus we hit the road excited for the French food. We were warmly greeted and sat at a nice table in the cozy restaurant. There are maybe 8 tables in the restaurant and a large old bar.

Ann had the Country Vegetable Pistou soup which was like a minestrone. Very tasty.

I had the smoked mushroom soup with chive cream and truffle croutons. This was really amazing. I am a huge fan of puree consistency mushroom soups that have a lot of flavor.

Next I had the duck confit crepe which was amazing. I am a big fan of duck confit and this crepe was both a generous protion and incredibly delicious. The duck was moist and flavored well. The crepe was light and delicate.

Ann had the scallops. I had a bite of these and they were really great. They were plump, flavorful and seared perfectly. A nice rocket salad on the side made it complete.

I had the chicken with zucchini and mushroom which was good. They do not mention that on the menu this is indeed HALF A CHICKEN. Good lord these are generous portions! Look at that thing down there! I also loved that it had a beautiful crisp skin and was incredibly juicy.

Ann had the turbinado glazed salmon which was tasty. There was a roasted kale and mushroom side which was good as well.

For dessert we had the popular amber cake which was really delicious. It had a golden caramel color, salty and sweet taste and a delicious crust made of lemon madelines. So delicious!

I really loved this restaurant. Everyone was really friendly and the food was delicious. Being that it was on the bus line was an incredible bonus. The area of Lincoln Park is very hopping at night, you could easily dine at Aquitaine and have an after dinner drink down the street.

Aquitaine on Urbanspoon

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