Le Colonial

Le Colonial has a lot going for it. It’s right near the trendy Oak Street area of Chicago, it’s pretty close to the Magnificient Mile and also to Sprinkles. We had a reservation and wouldn’t you know it, it rained like a mother. A short cab ride from the subway and we were there.

The decor is beautiful, dark wood, lots of plants and beautiful artwork. We dined on the 2nd floor and it was pretty great. Not that I would eat here every day but it would be a solid rotation.

We first had the BANH UOT Grilled sesame beef rolled in flat rice noodles, With cucumber, lettuce, basil, & lime garlic sauce. These were really tasty, the beef was flavored nicely and the accompanying cucumber, lime, flavors were really good. This was a good size for sharing as well.

Next we had the mi xao do bien Stir-fried shrimp, scallops, calamari, & mixed vegetables over pan-fried egg noodles with a light garlic oyster sauce which Ann enjoyed and it was a generous portion.

I had the ca nuong Grilled salmon over vermicelli noodles, with dill, mesclun greens, & ginger-lime garlic fish sauce which was very good. My go to in a restaurant is salmon and this did not disappoint. The grilled flavor really set off the ginger lime flavor.

Le Colonial on Urbanspoon
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