AI Sushi

I could not have been happier with AI Sushi. We took a taxi from the Blue Line stop and it was perfect timing for our reservation. The decor is beautiful, dark woods, very open and dimly lit. Our server helped us make drink selections and we perused the menu settling on sushi only, but there was a sizable Japanese cuisine menu to choose from as well.

We ordered: Crazy Jalapeno, Scorpion, Chef Hemmi Spicy Tuna and Lobster rolls.

Below is the Chef Hemmi Spicy tuna roll. Notably you will see that each piece looks different. The roll is made of the same spicy tuna mixture as the regular spicy tuna roll, however this one has a twist. Each piece has a different topping flavor with such simple to complex flavors as spicy tuna topped w/: spicy tako;
avocado and ikura; walnuts & rosemary; cucumber wrapped tempura flakes w/ wasabi mayo; masago and tempura jalapeño. Absolutely delicious.

Here’s the habanero lobster which contained tempura fried maine lobster w/ kampyo, ginger, mango, and avocado topped w/ habanero ceviche,capers, cilantro, and sour cream mayo. Very good and not as spicy as you might be thinking so go ahead and give this one a try. You might be asking what that stuff is in the middle? That was some lightly seared whitefish with micro chives. It was pretty delicious and I am NOT a fan of sashimi.

Here’s the crazy jalapeno which was delicious. Delicious akami tuna and hamachi wrapped in soy
paper w/ avocado, cilantro, jalapeño and wasabi infused tobiko
topped with sour cream and cherry tomatoes all served atop spicy mayo. The cherry tomato really made this pop!

Lastly we had the scorpion roll which was great. It had fried calamari, kaiware, cucumber, roe,
chili sauce.

I would so go back here again. I had a coupon which they processed really quickly. The service was friendly and prompt. On Sundays they run a special all the sushi you can eat for $31 a person. Not a bad deal, depending on how much sushi you tend to eat.

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