Italianette Pizza

We had a great time here and had some great food. Italianette is really close to my house.We were seated soon and our order was taken pretty promptly. The server was really friendly.

I ordered the side salad, pretty standard salad with non-house dressing.

We also ordered some breadsticks with cheese which were really tasty, very soft and cheesy. 

I had the turkey club hoagy which my server told me was a “foodgasm”. While I did not have a gasm at the table, it was a tasty hoagy. I might opt for just ham and cheese next time though. Chips come on the side but you can easily sub fries for a small upcharge.

Pat ordered the sausage and pepperoni pizza which was pretty good. They have a good crust here  and good sauce. They put a pretty good helping of cheese on these pizzas which make them bubbly and brown.

Right next door is a soft serve ice cream place to sweeten the deal!

Italianette Pizza on Urbanspoon

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