Gordo’s Pub

I had never been to Gordo’s and was excited about it. I drove my Cabirolet over on a weeknight and was really starving. It’s a normal dive bar atmosphere. They have an excellent beer selection.

I ordered their crab cake. It was really delicious. It was of the mashed crab cake variety as opposed to the lump cake. the salad with it was tasty and substantial. The cake itself was seasoned well and was NOT all stuffing.

I then ordered the Jean-Robert burger which had goat cheese and grape compote. We all know how I feel about goat cheese. The grape compote wasn’t too sweet at all and the soft bun made this sandwich a home run. The steak fries on the side could have been crispier, but I wasn’t complaining. Such a good burger.

I was anxious at first. From reading their menu I didn’t know what to think of their beef. They ground bacon and onion in their beef. My husband, the picky one might not have liked it unless i “scouted” it out first. I feel pretty confident that he will like it just as much as I did.

Gordo's Pub & Grill on Urbanspoon

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