Polo Grille

Deerfield township is not near my house exactly so I only dare to try restaurants in this area when I have left the hair salon. On this occasion I went to Polo Grille. It’s a large restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. I was greeted and seated very promptly.

I decided on the Pot Roast Pretzel sandwich with yucca fries. I can’t say I’d ever had yucca fries before. They were good. They were a bit heartier than a potato fry but similar in flavor. Nice departure from the normal sandwich side, in my opinion.

The pot roast sandwich was pretty special. Delicious caramelized onion and cheese accompany the juicy pot roast that is heftily piled on a pretzel bun. It’s a really large sandwich that might be a bit heavy for a normal lunch but I was making an exception I guess. You could put just about anything on a pretzel bun and I’d try it.

The only drawback for PG is that it’s so damn FAR away from everything. I can’t imagine people from Northern Kentucky driving all the way up here for a pretzel pot roast sandwich.

Polo Grille on Urbanspoon

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