Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burgers

ANOTHER Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives establishment! We did indeed drive all the way from Detroit to Ann Arbor, Michigan just to have a tasty cheeseburger at Blimpy Burger.

I read ahead of time on their menu for their ordering decorum (nothing too difficult, I assure you). 1. order your fried items, 2. order your # of patties, 3. request any grill items, 4. request bun type, 5. request cheese, 6. request any condiments, 7. pay.

Upon arrival I ordered the fried veggies and a double cheeseburger. Pat ordered the quint cheeseburger with bacon. Yes, that is 5 patties. They make everything before your eyes. they grind the beef daily and its placed on the grill in a meatball sized portion and smashed on the grill to make a nice brown crust. 

Here is my double with cheddar. A very tasty burger, I probably shouldn’t have wolfed it down.

Here’s Pat’s quint. Bacony, cheesy, beefy goodness.

Fresh cut steak fries were a nice touch.

These fried veggies were delicious. Fresh cut/battered veggies, absolutely delicious.

Blimpy Burger doesn’t need my help. There are 3 generations of Wolverines that can attest to the deliciousness of their burgers.

Blimpy Burger (Krazy Jim's) on Urbanspoon

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