I need to confess…

I have a confession to make. It’s not an easy thing to say and I’ve never come right out and made this kind of declaration before but the time has come. I have a favorite food.

This may be an easy question for some of you out there but not for me. I have had favorite restaurants that make the best versions (in my opinion) of the things I like and so on. I’ve never had a favorite item that I always want from one place, over and over.

This infatuation has been going on for a little over a year and a half. It’s gotten so serious that I dress up for it, I try to con other people into coming with me so I don’t have to go by myself to eat it. I plan days around it.

When the day rolls around that I’ve been looking forward to all week I promise myself that I will not devour it quickly. I. Will. Not. Then it’s gone before I know it. I’ve avoided licking the bowl, somehow.

No matter how many delicious things chef comes up with for the changing seasons, I remain ever faithful to my favorite. My ravioli. Those of you who know me at all know my feelings on the ravioli. It’s delicate yet rich. It’s wonderfully seasoned with sage and a small hint of cheese and then there’s the best part, the delicious mushrooms. I’ve made myself hungry just thinking about it.

I might need to start working part time just to afford my not-so-expensive but very frequent habit. It’s a serious, yet delicious problem to have. I’m not ashamed.

So if I’ve made you the slightest bit curious or even hungry you should probably get yourself down to La Poste very quickly to grab a bowl of this delicious wonder.

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