Django Western Taco

Good gravy how have I not written about Django yet? Yeah, I go here a lot. Possibly once a week or so. It’s pretty much my hangout.

Django is in the location that Slim’s used to occupy at the corner of Hamilton and Blue Rock in Northside. You’re greeted when you come in to a no frills seat yourself atmosphere. There are large tables for parties or just communal seating.

Pop in just for a Djangorita. Jalapeno simple syrup, tequila, lime and some Pacifico beer floated on top. Yum. There’s also a classic margarita if you’re not ready for the heat. Both are $6.

Chips and salsa are a must. They’re house made and dusted with some spicy dust. Yeah that’s a technical term.

Queso chorizo is a good idea if you’re pretty hungry or if you have some friends with you. Yummy chorizo, onion, jalapeno, cheese. Nuff said.

They now have some devilish creation that you might be familiar with. Fresh. Jalapeno. Poppers. Yes. You read that right. Think that all jalapeno poppers are created equal? Think again, friend. These are absolutely delicious. Fresh batter and jalapenos stuffed with cheesy goodness. 

This is my favorite thing. Chile Relleno, Django style. I like chile rellenos in restaurants but they are often battered, deep fried, greasy and covered in bad cheese. This is light, fresh and delicious. A chile on top of rice stuffed with rubbed, grilled vegetables topped with cheese. You can now add chicken or soy chorizo to it. Good god is it filling and delicious.

This is your Al Pastor which is also a treat. Marinated pork and pineapple grilled and juicy. You can do “lone” single tacos or get a larger portion in a bowl for a little more. Perfect for sharing amongst your friends, if you so choose. Django now gives you the option between flour and corn tortillas. So many decisions.

Here’s another favorite, the beef taco with horseradish crema. It happens a lot when I go there. The beef is really juicy and tender, shredded finely and topped with the delicious crema.

Bowl of beeeeef.

Bowl of veggie tacos. You’ll find these are the same as the filling to the Chile Relleno. Yum!

For just a couple of bucks you can get the Pickled Six which varies day to day. This is a good value and shouldn’t be missed. Throw a different combo on each of your tacos for a little zing.

So yeah, I’m hungry now. I might even be writing this blog post at Django as we speak. Maybe, maybe not. Who’s to say. By the way, if you’re gonna go to Django give me a call if I’m not already there. We can share some chorizo!

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